The Latest Organisation Of The petroleum exporting countries, Senior Legal Advisor 2024

petroleum exporting countries

The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) works to stabilise the oil markets, coordinate and harmonise the petroleum policies of its member nations, and guarantee a regular, cost-effective supply of petroleum to consumers, a stable income for producers, and a just return on capital for investors in the petroleum sector.

We are hiring to cover the following positions:

Title of Position: Senior Legal Advisor

Position Code: 1.1.08;

location: Nigeria

Overview Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries

  • The Legal Office of the Secretariat assists in managing the organization of the petroleum exporting countries operations by supervising the application of applicable laws, rules, and procedures both inside the organization and in its interactions with other governments, businesses, and individuals, as well as by upholding and defending the organization’s interests and legal claims.
  • The Office takes part in the negotiation and writing of agreements and contracts with outside parties.
  • All documents that could subject the Organization to risks or legal responsibilities are cleared by the Office.
  • It offers legal advice and suggests changes to the rules set forth by the Organization.
  • It conducts research, publishes articles, and keeps track of changes in pertinent legal areas relating to energy, petroleum, the environment, and the energy transition both domestically and globally.
  • In international fora, it advances, defends, and promotes the Organization’s and its Member Countries’ interests. Regarding the Organizations’ participation in outside engagements or projects, it offers advice.

The Position’s Goal

Senior Legal Advisors handle complex legal matters, ensure compliance with international laws and regulations, and contribute to the overall mission and objectives of international organizations while working under the general supervision of the General Legal Counsel. Senior Legal Advisors provide expert legal guidance and strategic counsel to support the legal needs of international organizations.

Principal Duty Of The Position AT The Petroleum Exporting Countries

  • Offers strategic legal counsel on legal issues impacting the operations, programs, and initiatives of the Organization.
  • creates, evaluates, and negotiates intricate international partnerships, contracts, and agreements to guarantee adherence to the law and safeguard the organization’s interests.
  • develops proactive methods to avoid future legal challenges while developing a compliance culture by identifying legal risks and opportunities.
  • oversees and guarantees adherence to international laws, rules, and industry standards that are relevant to the activities of the Organization.
  • creates and carries out compliance programs as needed.
  • manages or is in charge of handling conflicts, lawsuits, and arbitration concerning the Organization. When necessary, works in tandem with the Appeals Committee and outside legal counsel.
  • Provides guidance as needed on issues related to corporate governance, such as Board of Governors meetings, relationships with member countries, and regulatory reporting.
  • Participates in the creation and execution of the Secretariat’s rules, policies, and processes to guarantee best practices and adherence to the law.
  • Maintains current knowledge of international legal developments, treaties, conventions, and regulations that are pertinent to the operations of the Organization.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with government agencies, regulatory bodies, external legal partners, and professional associations as needed to carry out assigned tasks.
  • Encourages ethical behavior and legal awareness within the Secretariat, including giving internal teams legal advice and training as needed.
  • Fulfills any additional tasks assigned by the General Legal Counsel that are related to his or her experience, credentials, and position.

Essential Skills and Requirements
Qualifications for Education

A legal degree from university
Preferably, an advanced degree in international law or a similar discipline.
current legal practice license in at least one pertinent jurisdiction

Experience at Work:

Eight years of university study, with a minimum of three years spent abroad.
Advanced degree: six years, at least three of which must be spent abroad.

Specializations in Training.
at least one of the following areas of expertise and/or training:

International Public Law.
Law of Comparative Energy.
Law of International Administration.
International Organization Law.
Law of International Trade.
Human Rights Act.
Law on International Development.
Additional pertinent fields of study in international law


Interpersonal and communication abilities
Presentation and analytical abilities
a focus on customer service
initiative as well as morality


German is a plus; English

Status and Advantages

Employees of the Secretariat are foreign workers whose duties are wholly international rather than national. They must exhibit the personal traits—integrity, independence, and impartiality—that are required of foreign workers while doing their duties.
The position reports to the General Legal Counsel and is grade E. The benefits package, which includes remuneration for expatriates, is appropriate for the position's level.

The deadline for applications is January 12, 2024.

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How to Utilize

Candidates who meet the requirements are asked to submit an application and resume, which can be obtained from the governor of their nation for the Opec (PDF). (Refer to the address for Nigeria.)

Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Adedapo Odulaja, Governor for OPEC, Office of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Block D, 11th Floor, NNPC Towers, Herbert Macauley Way, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria The Nigerian government is in charge of the country.

Take note

Petroleum Exporting Countries application must be submitted to the OPEC Secretariat via the appropriate Governor before the above-mentioned closing date in order to be taken into consideration.
Candidates cannot be older than 55 and must be citizens of OPEC member nations.

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