The Nigerian Custom Service(NCS) 2024/2025 Recruitment Application Portal

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This is the Nigerian Custom Service recruiting application guide for 2024–2025. You are at the right place if you want to apply for the upcoming NCS recruiting exercise since all the information you need to be eligible for the next recruitment exercise is right here on this page. It is vital that we furnish all these particulars prior to the subsequent application form becoming accessible to the general public.

Before the application form is ultimately produced or published online, there will be a list of requirements during the NCS 2024 Recruitment exercise that every applicant will be expected to hold. We would list every criteria below. During the previous recruitment process, we were able to obtain information on some of the requirement.

About The Nigerian Customs Service

Because it is in charge of collecting customs fees, facilitating both domestic and foreign trade, and enforcing anti-smuggling measures, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is extremely important to the nation. In addition to having a Comptroller General in charge of six (6) divisions, the Minister of Finance chairs the board. The following departments are among them:

  • Technical services and finance administration.
  • Tarrif & Trade.
  • Inspection, Inquiry, and Enforcement.
  • Strategic Policy and Research.
  • Human Resource Development.
  • Excise, Free Trade Zones, and Business Promotion
  • Training and Doctrine Command(TRADOC).

Nigerian Custom Service(NCS) 2023 Recruitment Application Procedures

The web portal is used for all NCS applications, and it is a very simple and uncomplicated process. The procedures listed below should be followed in order to apply for any of the Nigerian Customs Service recruitment campaigns:

  • Go to to access the NCS Recruitment application portal.
  • Examine the guidelines or specifications that are displayed there.
  • Make an online account on the gateway.
  • Complete the application and attach any essential or necessary files.
  • Before submitting your application, it is imperative that you double-check every application.

Mandatory Requirements That One Must Possess To Be Eligible For The Next NCS Recruitment Exercise

Before the next NCS application form is made available, the following fundamental prerequisites should be met by all applicants:

  • Must be a citizen of Nigeria and possess a legitimate form of identification.
  • must hold a degree from an accredited university.
  • must have an O level score with credits earned in pertinent courses.
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • It must be devoid of any physical imperfections.
  • Candidates must be at least 1.7 meters tall for men and 1.64 meters tall for women.
  • Male candidates must measure at least 0.87 meters across the chest.

What Is The Latest News On The Nigeria Customs Service(NCS) 2024 Recruitment?

The Nigeria Customs Service recruiting application form has not yet been made available or published online, as Simas jobs would like to notify its readers. You will be informed via this post as soon as the new application form is made available or published online. After reading this article, see the NCS Recruitment Shortlist guide to learn the procedures needed to find out if you were selected for the shortlist.

We included information in the NCS Recruitment shortlist article to help applicants find out if they made the published shortlist. Throughout the hiring process, several shortlists would be revealed; this would all be detailed in the article. Furthermore included in the article is the Nigeria Customs Service Training exercise and interview, which is a crucial part of the hiring process.

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Is The Nigeria Customs Service(NCS) Recruitment Application Form Out?

As of today, the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment application form is still to be given to the general public so keep an eye on this website to know when that news will be made.

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