Latest Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Recruitment 2024/2025 Application Portal


The following application guidelines for the NAF hiring Application Portal are provided for the benefit of all of our readers who wish to apply for the next process.

The portal for NAF Recruitment will open on October 20, 2023, and finish on December 11, 2023, as advertised.

How The NAF DSSC And BMTC Recruitment Exercises Differ

DSSC and BMTC Recruitment are two categories under which the Nigerian Air Force hiring process falls. Less than six months of training are required for BMTC, which prepares candidates to become airmen and airwomen. Degree holders with a focus on a particular field are eligible to apply for the DSSC Recruitment; those who get the short list will be commissioned as flying officers.

The Regular Combatant is the final hiring category. The distinctions among the three groups are shown in the table below.

regular combatantdirect short service commissionbasic military training course
ageminimum of 17 yrs maximum of 21 yrsnoneFor non-tradespeople, 18 and 22 and 18 and 25 for tradespeople and women
durationFive years [one year of specialized military training plus four years of academic and military training]6 months1 to 6 months
outcomea bachelor’s degree and a commission from the president to the positions of flying officer in the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), midshipman in the Nigerian Navy (NN), and second lieutenant in the Nigerian Army (NA)Successful applicants receive a commission as flying officers. would, in turn, become tradesmen and tradeswomen.

How To Apply For The NAF Recruitment Exercise (BMTC & DSSC)

Applications for the DSSC and BMTC hiring exercises of the Nigerian Air Force [NAF] must be submitted online at Visit the application portal as soon as the forms are available, select the particular category you’re interested in, and register for an account.

Essential Qualifications Applicants Must Meet In Order To Be Considered For NAF 2024 Hiring

The hiring vary based on the type of recruiting being conducted. The prerequisites for the BMTC Recruitment would be more stringent than those for the DSSC Recruitment. The following is a list of prerequisites that candidates need to meet in order to be considered for the upcoming hiring process:

age category18 to 22 yrs for all applicants with some exceptions of 25 to 40 yrs for medical consultants and 20 to 35 yrs for chaplains/imams
heightMinimum height for men (1.65m) while for females the minimum height is (1.63m)
qualificationfirst class and second class upper division for bachelor degree and upper credit for HND
marital status single and married women are prohibited
medical fitnessone must be medically fit
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What’s New Regarding hiring Into The Nigerian Air Force?

Right now, the NAF Recruitment application form is not available. However, stay tuned to this page to learn when it will be made available to the public.

There are questions about the Nigerian Air Force hiring exercise every day, and this website is one of the locations where you can find the most recent information about it. We also make sure that the information we provide to our visitors is sufficient.

Login To The Nigerian Air Force Application Portal For hiring

Applications for the various categories should be submitted through the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Application Portal ( Over the years, they have exclusively used the portal for which we have provided the URL above to conduct hiring .

We would like to clarify that applications for all recruitment categories will be submitted through the same platform. Please take notice of the above-mentioned steps as they will also be followed if you choose to apply for the next exercise.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the space provided below. You may also tell people about this article who you think might be interested in working with the Nigerian Air Force.

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