Latest IT Services Coordinator Recruitment, (OPEC) 2024

IT services coordinator

The IT Services Coordinator of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) works to stabilize the oil markets, coordinate and harmonize the petroleum policies of its member nations, and guarantee a regular, cost-effective supply of petroleum to consumers, a stable income for producers, and a just return on capital for investors in the petroleum sector.

We are hiring to cover the following positions:

Title of Position: IT Services Coordinators

Position Code: 10.3.01;

Country: Nigeria

Overview On The IT Services Coordinator

The IT Services Coordinator Section of the Secretariat is in charge of making sure that the computer network facilities—specifically, the email, internet, and printing systems—are always available and operating at peak efficiency. This includes planning and replacing hardware and software, as well as managing printing and the Secretariat's telecommunication system.

The Position’s Goal

In order to maintain a strong and dependable computer network infrastructure, the IT Services Section's tasks must be coordinated and overseen. This includes defining the hardware and software requirements, analyzing the options available and recommending the best course of action to the Head of AITSD, and assessing user needs and offering support as needed.

Principal Duty

  • guarantees the best possible performance and availability of the computer network’s resources, especially the email, internet, and printing systems, the equipment used for communications and printing, and the planning and replacement of hardware and software.
  • installs hardware and software on the client and server sides, as well as coordinates and oversees the work of the IT Services Section to guarantee that employees reach their goals.
  • creates, implements, and periodically updates a solid fault-tolerant data backup and disaster recovery plan.
  • reviews and analyzes offers in light of technology needs, then provides management with recommendations.
  • oversees help-desk operations to guarantee that customers receive excellent support; participates in help-desk support when specialist expertise is needed or when there is a backlog of unanswered support calls.
  • works with the system administrators to monitor network activity and perform security audits to prevent network infiltration.
  • examines and assesses novel IT paradigms; ascertains the viability and possible advantages of novel or developing technology for the purposes of OPEC’s operations.
  • carries out any additional responsibilities given by the appropriate superiors in relation to his or her experience, credentials, and position.

Essential Skills And Requirements
Qualifications For Education:

An advanced degree is preferred. A university degree in computer science or a related discipline

Experience At Work:

10 years of university education, of which 2 years were spent in coordinating or supervising roles in IT; 8 years for an advanced degree

Specializations In Training:

Operating Systems from Microsoft
Linux Exchange email server administration Firewall troubleshooting PC and network
User assistance abilities


Leadership and management abilities
Communication abilities
Presentation and analytical abilities
Social abilities
Team-building abilities
a focus on customer service
initiative as well as morality



Status and Advantages

Employees of the Secretariat are foreign workers whose duties are wholly international rather than national. They must exhibit the personal traits—integrity, independence, and impartiality—that are required of foreign workers while doing their duties.
Reporting to the Head of the Administration & IT Services Department, this position is grade D. The benefits package, which includes remuneration for expatriates, is appropriate for the position's level.

The deadline for applications is December 14, 2023.

How To Utilize

Candidates who meet the requirements are asked to submit an application and resume, which can be obtained from the governor of their nation for OPEC (PDF) (see the Nigeria address below).

Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Adedapo Odulaja, Governor for OPEC, Office of the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Block D, 11th Floor, NNPC Towers, Herbert Macauley Way, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria The Nigerian government is in charge of the country.


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Take Note

Applications must be submitted to the OPEC Secretariat via the appropriate Governor before the above-mentioned closing date in order to be taken into consideration.
Candidates cannot be older than 55 and must be citizens of OPEC member nations.

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