Latest Application Portal for Ekiti State Civil Service Commission’s 2024–2025 Recruitment Update

Civil Service Commission

The 2024–2025 Ekiti State Civil Service Commission Application Guide is available herewith. Within Ekiti State, there are a lot of job seekers seeking to find out how to get a position with the state government. It is significant to remember that the Ekiti State Civil Service Commission operates under government control and that the identical application procedures apply to both.

In this essay, we’ll refer to the Civil Service Commission by its alternative name, the Public Service, interchangeably. The application is completed online using a portal, and access to the online application form is contingent upon having an account on the portal.

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Steps In Detailed For Application To The Ekiti State Civil Service Commission

To access the application portal, first register for an account on the website Then, click the link to access the portal. The previous recruitment exercise’s portal,, is no longer operational; however, it will be reactivated upon the release of the next application form.

We are unsure if there will be an application fee this time around, but there was one for the previous exercise, which cost ₦2,000. All forms must be turned in by the deadline in order for your application to be considered and for you to be added to the shortlist.

Eligibility Requirements For The Ekiti State Civil Service Application Process

Having the necessary requirements in place before accessing the portal is crucial. The following are some essential qualifications that candidates should have:

  • Birth Certificate Origin Certificate
  • a diploma (BSc, BA, HND, ND)
  • An O level score that includes credits in pertinent subjects
  • A reliable method of identification. Once more requirements are uploaded, particularly during the recruitment process, this article will be updated. However, before the next form is released, interested parties are urged to make sure they have the items listed above.

updates on the Recruitment of the Ekiti State Civil Service Commission

As of right now, it is not possible to access the Ekiti State Civil Service Commission recruitment portal. Please make sure you carefully read through all of the instructions listed here, along with any other pertinent information that may help applicants who might be interested in applying for the upcoming recruitment process.

Shortlist for Ekiti State Civil Service Commission Recruitment

Another thing that readers should adequately or appropriately take note of when reading this article is the information on the shortlist. The names of those who have been shortlisted and are therefore eligible to participate in the screening process will be made public by the Ekiti State Civil Service Commission, and later releases will list the names of those who have passed the screening.

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